Supporting the marine industry has been a natural progression for LS Branding.

As a keen sailor and member of British Marine I believe we are uniquely positioned to help marine businesses with their promotional plans without negatively impacting the marine world.

We are particularly proud to be listed on the Green Blue business directory; a list of businesses that provide products and services to help the industry become more environmentally sustainable.

A key event on the calendar is The Southampton Boat Show, which is scheduled to go ahead between 10th – 19th September 2021. More than 200 exhibitors have signed up.

Traditionally exhibitions and events have been fantastic opportunities for businesses to grow brand awareness. However, protecting the environment is becoming increasingly urgent, and it is therefore essential to consider the overall impact of your promotional gifts and merchandise.

You might find navigating the options and terminology for appropriate items can be a little confusing. Our own journey here has been interesting to say the least. Beware of items labelled “eco”, “green” etc… and assuming they have ticked all the environmental boxes. We have found many circumstances where this is simply not the case and the products are still adding to our environmental problems, not solving them.

We do believe the Marine Industry with its obvious association to nature and water can however lead the way.

For this year’s event here’s our top 3 ideas to stand out:

Perfect premium merchandising item to help build sustainable brand awareness long into the future.

Sun protection with SPF 30 for face and lips in a push-up container made of FSC certified cardboard.

A keyring that floats is a must for the marine industry.

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