The roll out of the COVID-19 mass immunisation has begun in the UK and has been described as “a really good start” for the programme Covid vaccine: More than 130,000 vaccinated in UK in first week – BBC News

The tone is cautiously optimistic: we’ve been told there’s a long way to go yet, but at LS Branding we can’t help but get a bit excited.  It feels like we can make plans again.

Recently Trend Hunter’sheld their Future Festival World Summit, which looks at trends during and out of the coronavirus era.  They have developed strategies for global brands like NASA, Apple and Adidas and they truly believe that out of chaos comes opportunity.

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been one chaotic year, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for businesses too.

Here are five of the key megatrends and how you can implement them to build brand awareness during these chaotic times.

  1. Nostalgia: In times of crisis, emotional safety is necessary.  Nostalgia offers a sense of comfort.

How to work this trend:A “nice cup of tea” has been the answer to a crisis throughout the ages.  Show your clients you care by sending them a mug with tea bag and biscuit and handwritten note.  In times of crisis, we remember who our friends are and a branded mug acts a lasting reminder.

  1. Tribalism:People lean on one another for support when times are tough.

How to work this trend:When times are tough, we don’t want to be on our own.  Despite social distancing and working from home, there are still ways to feel connected, motivated and be part of a team.  Primark has seen an increase in pyjama sales, but a decline in suits. Could you implement a working from home uniform?  Branded t-shirts and joggers offer a relaxed, yet smarter than pyjamas wfh option, which keeps your brand in focus, especially on video calls.

  1. Prosumerism:Learning new skills grants a sense of comfort.

How to work this trend:During lockdown, 40% of consumers searched for “how to” videos.  What skills and expertise could your team showcase in videos?  You’re helping them and showing your valuable services, plus it’s also a chance to increase your company’s visibility: if you’re using a pen, ruler, notepad, make sure it’s all branded.

  1. Simplicity:Crisis causes a focus on base-level needs and a sense of security.

How to work this trend:The Covid crisis has had us yearning for simpler and easier times.  How can you make life easier for your clients and customers?

Could you offer them a light in these dark times? A branded torch keyring has helped us in a surprising number of ways!  What about sending a branded herb pot as a gift to help your valued clients cultivate a sense of serenity in stressful times?

  1. Experience:The relationship focus of chaos will turn into a need to make memories.

How to work the trend:After so much time pent up indoors, there’ll be a huge appetite for face-to-face events and meetings.  Now’s the time to plan for 2021!  All the trusty conference essentials such as branded pens, USB sticks, notepads and shoppers, umbrellas and tee markers for golf days (the perfect socially distance event) and jute bags for product launches are great options.

It’s likely that hygiene and safety will be part of everyday life for a while yet, so a sanitation station, branded of course, is a must, as are wipes, gels, and face masks.

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The Renaissance and some of the world’s most treasured art came after the bubonic plague.  What will emerge from this chaotic time?

Best wishes,