It is now officially just over 3 months since I launched LS Branding, in probably the most difficult time in modern history to start a new venture. I took some time last week whilst my kids were having a break from lock down home schooling to reflect. I hope some will find the below helpful to learn a little about why LS Branding was created, progress so far and future plans.

Why launch LS Branding

Over recent years I believe I have become increasingly confident and driven, which resulted in a desire to create a business based on my own personal values utilising the 17 years’ experience of working in the promotional merchandise sector.

Simply, I want to build LS Branding as the go to place for sourcing promotional merchandise.

I enjoy getting to know organisations and the people within, listening to their promotional needs and then sourcing the right products and solutions.

Progress so far

I set-up LS Branding just a few weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak changed everyone’s immediate way of life. You could say not the best timing to launch a new business! However, I have found that being active talking to businesses, listening to their issues and evolving plans has meant the business has actually had a reasonable start, with income exceeding expenditure each month.

This has given me confidence that LS Branding will be in a position to help many organisations and grow in the months ahead as restrictions continue to ease.

Plans for the future

I firmly believe a business is only as good as the quality of the people involved. Whilst I’m not naïve enough to believe that employees will want to stay with the business forever, the plan is to build a team where we all enjoy the day to day working environment, and we all contribute without fear of failure.