Here at LS Branding we’re not waiting for “normal” to resume. I’m a big believer in controlling what we can control and not focusing on the things we can’t.

New business opportunities constantly change. Yes, the world is a very different place right now, but our approach hasn’t been to put our head in the sand and wait for restrictions to ease but rather crack on with as much activity as we can.

So, what’s worked so far?

Picking up the phone. Might sound obvious, but there is simply nothing better than speaking to people, understanding their goals and objectives and then figuring out what value we can add.

Weekly planning. Setting aside specific time in the weekly diary to speak to potential new clients, and then progressing those relationships forwards even if there isn’t an immediate need to source promotional items. i.e. being helpful.

Finding our niche. Still a work in progress as it’s really easy to say we can source promotional items for everyone, because in theory we can. However, in reality I think people navigate to those who talk about the problems they specifically need solving. The question therefore when looking for new business is what problem are you looking to solve, and how do you get your message across so those with that problem know to come to you to get it solved?

At LS Branding we focus on making the process of sourcing promotional merchandise as easy as possible, so our clients can focus on what’s important to them. Our client base has therefore grown with those who are spinning lots of plates.