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Help end the flow of ocean plastic

Stand out with the world’s most impactful reusable bottle. We all know ocean plastic is one of the major problems to fix of our generation. We love working with companies who strive to make a difference. The team over at Ocean Bottle is one such company.  Not only have they developed a

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Set your sights on new business

Here at LS Branding we’re not waiting for “normal” to resume. I’m a big believer in controlling what we can control and not focusing on the things we can’t. New business opportunities constantly change. Yes, the world is a very different place right now, but our approach hasn’t been to put our head

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Take inspiration from E.T. and Iron Man

Product placement has been used in TV and films for years – soap operas gained this name because they were originally sponsored by soap companies. Throughout the Iron Man films you can see Tony Stark driving Audi cars and after the chocolate Reese’s Pieces were featured in E.T. it’s estimated that sales increased

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Being more eco friendly

There is no doubt the world has a multitude of environment issues to tackle. The need to balance the requirements of today without having a negative impact on what the world needs tomorrow is the challenge of our generation. I admire the work done by Sir David Attenborough and others over recent times

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Stay on brand while keeping COVID safe

Over the past year my habits have certainly changed around high traffic surfaces like chip and pin pads, door bells and handles. I have no doubt most of these habits are likely to stick. This has led me to think about how organisations can support their workforce and customers in whatever the “new

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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your Brand In 2021

Hello 2021 and hello lockdown #3…  2021 might not have started in the way any of us had hoped for but at LS Branding HQ, we’ve still been thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  One of ours is to remain optimistic in business, even in lockdowns.  We believe that despite the difficulties and the hardships, there are still possibilities to grow business and build brand recognition.  To

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5 Megatrends to Help Boost Your Brand in Chaotic Times

The roll out of the COVID-19 mass immunisation has begun in the UK and has been described as “a really good start” for the programme Covid vaccine: More than 130,000 vaccinated in UK in first week - BBC News The tone is cautiously optimistic: we’ve been told there’s a long way to go

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