You might think it a little odd a promotional merchandise business writing a book review. However, I’ve just finished reading The Future We Choose by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac and feel compelled to add a comment or two. I’m not a big non-fiction reader but after being recommended this book, I thought I’d give it a go. I couldn’t put it down.

Above all else I think it has brought to light the urgency of the climate crisis we all share. The potential world we could inhabit (yes, in our lifetime) should we continue as we have makes for scaring reading.

The power of compound interest

However, I finished the book feeling energized about the world we can create if we all make small positive incremental changes. Cities full of trees, wildlife, no car ownership, re-purposed roads for recreational use all within net zero carbon emissions just sounds cool and something to look forward to.

Yes, its going to be hard but I think small incremental steps on an individual level with bold governmental targets and incentives mean it is all possible.

Making those first steps

Well, I will be thinking a little more deeply about who to vote for and what vision they have for the future. I’ve told my husband to stop pontificating and get on with replacing our LPG system for a heat pump. We’re actively discussing about how we can buy more local, seasonal produce. I really think we can do it for about the same cost as our normal supermarket run. We just need to get organised and think about how to do it in practice. Perhaps I’ll write another blog about this.

I realise this is just a start, but just imagine the impact if everyone made 2 or 3 moves to live more sustainably. When we’ve learned from that experience make 2 or 3 more and so on…

I’m sure the book is available in most UK stores. Amazon link here.