Over the past year my habits have certainly changed around high traffic surfaces like chip and pin pads, door bells and handles. I have no doubt most of these habits are likely to stick.

This has led me to think about how organisations can support their workforce and customers in whatever the “new normal” will be, whilst showcasing their brand.

Our top 5 branding ideas for helping to stay COVID safe:

  • Stylus pens and hygiene hook keyrings are great for key workers, including delivery drivers, as they can use the plastic end or hook to press bells, buttons (in lifts, on keypads etc) and open gates.
  • Face Coverings. It is likely face coverings are likely to be around for some time. Perhaps consider a more sustainable neck tube, as an alternative to a face mask.
  • Everyday essentials like notebooks and pens are available with antibacterial properties.
  • Travel mugs with antimicrobial technology provide protection against the growth of harmful organisms.
  • Antibacterial Lanyards – Considering a material with antibacterial properties will help limit the spread of bacterial contamination and maintain a safe workplace.

In addition check out our post on how a traffic light system can help create a harmonious workplace in the times of covid.