There is no doubt we live in a world of too much single use waste that either ends up in landfill, the ocean or as litter.

Sustainability is a central value to how our business operates. Our mission is to help brands stand out today, without negatively impacting tomorrow’s environment. But what does that really mean?

It is clear from research that promotional branded products are extremely effective but understanding labels such as “eco”, “green” or “sustainable” can be confusing and sometimes misleading. There are no standard definitions to help brands know what each of these labels mean.

We are inquisitive by nature. Just because something is plastic does not mean it’s not “eco” or “green”, and just because something is made from an on-trend material such as “bamboo” doesn’t mean it is sustainable.

In our view it is having careful consideration of the product lifecycle, supply chain and what the item is being used for that is important.

Some suppliers go even further. For example, one of our featured products is “Ocean Bottle”. We love this because:

  • It really stands out and helps brands get noticed,
  • It is designed to last at least 10 years, can be fully recycled and,
  • Each bottle sold funds the collection of ocean bound plastic on a 1:1000 ratio.

Ultimately, we believe brands choosing products that are designed to be part of the solution, not the problem is a win-win.

Moving forwards, we’ll be writing regularly about tips and ideas about how you can stand out with sustainably sourced products.

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